Awakening: Fruit of Mindfulness

Who Is Right

You are right. So are others who you think are wrong.

What you see

What you see is because of what you don’t see.

Life and Death

Life is possible because of death. Death is possible because of life.

The Creator

The one who creates your life. The one who creates your misery. The one who creates your happiness. The creator is you.

Fruit of your actions

You are having fruit of your past actions.

Your current actions are seeds for your future fruit.

Silencing a fire alarm

Eliminating symptoms of life pain while leaving the cause is like silencing a sounding fire alarm without extinguishing the fire.

Words to awake

Those who look at what the words are pointing at awake. Those who look at the words are trapped.

Book Inside and Outside

Information is inside the book. The fact is outside the book.

Knowing Information

You know the information, not the actual event.

You know the information, not the reality.

You know the information, not the fact.

The Four Stages of Human Development

Just do not know.

Believe to know what he does not know.

Realize he does not know.

Know what he did not know.


Believing means you do not know.

When you know, you do not need to believe.

No Name

Reality has no name.

Why pain comes to life

A wall does not bump into us.

We bump into a wall.

Treasure in Trash Bin

Words that you rejected and dumped in a trash bin when some people spoke to you because of disagreement, different viewpoints or other reasons can lead you to liberation and empowerment.

Upon Encountering Life-Pain

One who seeks the cause of the life-pain in one’s own actions is liberating oneself from the life-pain. One who blames others is inviting more pain to one’s life.

I Overdose

Just like too much vitamin A in the body becomes toxic, preoccupation of I my me mine in the mind becomes toxic.

A Prayer

A man prays persimmons to grow on an apple tree.

Seek Pleasure Find Pain

Those who seek pleasure find pain.

Three Great Teachers

Pain, the people you disagree with, and this world.

Two Kinds

Two kinds of substances: Substances that harm your body and substances that heal your body when you eat.

Two kinds of thoughts: Thoughts that harm and thoughts that heal.

Two kinds of money: Money that benefits you when you possess. Money that harms you when you possess.

Two kinds of scratching

Scratching that is done by choice.

Scratching that is driven by an urge without awareness and choice.

Two ways to have money

Follow money. Let the money follow you.

Two kinds of people

One who is thinking endlessly. One who is liberated from thinking.

One who follows pleasure.  One who joy follows.

One who seeks pleasure. One who is liberated from pleasure.

One who chases what one wants. One who is liberated from wanting.

One who speaks for oneself. One who speaks for fellow living beings.

How to have financial freedom?

Become useful to others.

Two kinds of chickens

A chicken that lives for herself becomes food.

A chicken that lives for all living beings is cherished and protected.

What can be done for those who died

Do nothing.

Let their life and death not wasted.

Make their life and death honorable

Urge (desire)

When you fight an urge, the urge becomes your enemy. When you crush an urge, the urge becomes your servant. When you obey an urge, the urge becomes your master. When you just be with an urge, the urge becomes harmless like passing wind.

Police and Thieves

Police work according to the laws of a nation.

Thieves work according to the laws of nature.

What do a falling apple and a thinking mind have in common?

Both act according to the law of nature.

No Such thing as my body

“This is my body.” This is just a belief in the mind. There is no such thing as your body. You can not find any single element that you own in the body, which is supposedly yours.

No such thing as your thoughts

“This is my thought.” This is just a belief in the mind. There is no such thing as your thoughts. No thought is produced alone without others.

The Key to Improving Your Life

Your speech comes from your mind.

Your actions come from your mind.

Your life is determined in your mind.

Your future is decided in your mind.

The key to improving your life is in your mind.

Thoughts and Life-Pain

If you do not want to bring pain to your tummy, know what to eat and what not to eat.

If you do not want to bring pain to your life, know what to think and what not to think.


Being angry at someone is like blaming the weather when a weather forecast failed to predict it correctly.

Dark World Nurtures Bright World

Like the ground nurturing a flower, dark world nurtures bright world.

A driver caught in his thought trap

A man keeps pressing the break pedal in his car and blaming the car for not running.

A Sunflower

Several men sitting in a circle took a photo of a sunflower in the center. Each of them insists only his photo is correct while the photos of others are wrong.

When to change your life direction

When your life does not improve no matter what you do. When knowing you are heading a wrong direction.

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