Mindfulness of Driving


Notice appearing or disappearing while some objects are appearing in and disappearing from your sight.


Notice approaching and passing while you are approaching or passing some objects, for example, a traffic sign, another car.


Notice turning left or right while your car is turning or changing a lane to left or right, for example, making a right turn at an intersection or changing to the left-lane from the right-lane.


Notice starting or stopping when your car is starting or about to stop.


You may also include other objects such as vibration, sounds, breath, body and mind


Practice with Labels

You can mentally say your experience with a word or phrases.

“appearing” when some objects are appearing in your sight.

“disappearing” when some objects are disappearing from your sight.

“approaching” when you are approaching some objects.

“passing” when you are passing some objects.

“left” when your car turns left.

“right” when your car turns right.

“starting” when your car is starting.

“stopping” when your car is about to stop.


Note: Practice one method at a time or practice multiple methods at the same time if you can.

Caution: Do not practice in unsafe or potentially unsafe situations. The practice is only for experienced safe drivers only.

Prerequisite: Mindfulness of Appearance and Disappearance

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