Greater Vancouver Mindfulness group

Connect with people who are interested in practicing mindfulness together in Greater Vancouver. For more info, visit Greater Vancouver Mindfulness Group page.

Starting Mindfulness Group in Madeira Park, BC (Sunshine Coast)

If you're interested in forming a mindfulness practice group in Madeira Park, BC (Sunshine Coast), contact the teacher.

Mindful Qigong and Mindful Eating in spring 2017

Mindful Eating will be a part of the mindfulness retreats (Power of Mindfulness) at Kerrisdale Community Centre and White Rock Community Centre. Mindful Qigong is offered at Kerrisdale and Mount Pleasant Community Centre as well as Dogwood Pavilion. The detailed information is available at the schedule page. As usual, there is mindful qigong practice on … Continue reading Mindful Qigong and Mindful Eating in spring 2017

Mindfulness in Nature – alternative parking space for those coming to Green Timbers Urban Forest in this Sunday morning practice

The Green Timbers Urban Forest parking lot gate may not yet be open in the early morning due to heavy snow. If it is the case, you can park your park on 148 street. The pine trail starts from 148 street, which will lead you to our practice area.

Choosing Private Lesson Method

Choose private lesson method Please choose the private lesson method A) or B). A) Over telephone No special equipment and no internet required. You can take the lesson with any telephone. B) Over the Internet You can communicate with the teacher face to face. You will need a computer or phone with internet access. Any … Continue reading Choosing Private Lesson Method

Do you have a topic you’d like to learn?

If you have a talk topic you'd like to learn in the future, please send it to Sung.

The old class description [moved]

The information moved to Mindfulness Program Guide page.