Mindfulness Retreat in Nature (North Vancouver, June 16)

Mindfulness Retreat will be held on this Sunday in Lynn Headwaters Park in North Vancouver. This Sunday Mindfulness in nature in Surrey is canceled due to the retreat. We go back to our normal schedule on next Sunday.

This Sunday Mindfulness in Nature in North Vancouver

In this week, our Sunday morning practice will be held in Lynn Headwaters Park in North Vancouver instead of Green Timbers Urban Forest. Our Sunday practice is held rain or shine. Bring your sitting gear. A mindfulness talk will follow in Lynn Headwaters. Next Sunday, we go back to our normal schedule. https://now.learnmindfulness.org/program/nature/

Camera meditation

One who can focus his mind on an object during meditation but does not know the true nature of the object is like a camera that can take a photo but does not know what it is taking a photo of.

How do I know I am meditating right? (2)

Check to see if your meditation is making progress or being stuck. In other word, check your practice whether you continue to learn new from your meditation, or not learn anything new from your meditation for weeks, months or even years.

Why meditate?

To know what we can not know by thinking.

Why is meditation so difficult?

When you do it in a way that is difficult, it is difficult.

How to block all the sound during the meditation?

No need to block. Just be with the sound. Alternatively you can use the sound in your meditation.

Just Being

Just be here and now. No need to do anything.

Magnifying Glass Meditation

Like steadily focusing sunlight on a paper with a magnifying glass, steadily focus your mind on your breath.

The words to awake

Those who look at what the words are pointing at awake. Those who look at the words are trapped.